The Importance of Bulk SMS Service for Ecommerce in India

The Importance of Bulk SMS Service for Ecommerce in India

An e-commerce website is an online store that relies on the sale of goods and services through their website to stay in business. And the bulk SMS service for ecommerce helps them to build brand, drive traffic to their website, remarketing, increasing sales and conversion, sharing shopping details and providing shipping information to customers. Let’s see how this can be achieved using text messaging service for ecommerce.

Want to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website?

Every ecommerce company knows this fact, the more the traffic on the website – the more will the sales and revenue. If you are responsible for generating traffic and sales on an ecommerce site, then the bulk SMS service for ecommerce is for you.

If you already have existing customers base, you can just send text messages to them using our bulk SMS gateway. Or if you want to generate new leads then you can advertise your website or services to any desired targeted audience.

The benefit of using text message is that it gets delivered to thousands of people within a few seconds. And according to research, 90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. SMS marketing is sure shot to drive traffic with an impressive open rate of 98 percent.

Retargeting with Bulk SMS service for Ecommerce!


There are many potential customers those are interested in your service or product. These customers had visited your website earlier and might even have products in their cart that they don’t remember. You can reach these customers with retargeting SMS service and send them a reminder or make sales pitch to them. These potential customers are highly valuable and result in better conversion at a lower cost.

Increase Sales and Conversion with Text Messaging


There are several ways to increase sales and conversion with text messaging service. Some of them are as follows –

  • Advertise to new people and bring more sales.
  • Pitch your new product and services to existing customers and increase conversion.
  • Remind customers about unpaid products, services, and bills.
  • Sharing shopping and shipping details with customers at every step. This gives a better customer experience and results in fewer abandon carts.
  • Send customers personalized message on special events, their birthdays and festivals. Good relations with the customer always result in more sales and conversion.

Shopping and Shipping details for Better Customer Experience

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When a customer does online shopping in India, ecommerce site assures them what they are buying and when they’ll receive it. They achieve this by sending a text message at every step of their online shopping process. A customer gets an order confirmation text message, as well as payment received message and finally the shipping information with tracking details. Text messages are an integral part of ecommerce transactions. Ecommerce companies also send a final successful delivery message to please the customer and ensure valid delivery.

Better Relationship and Free Feedback!


Bulk SMS service also helps to build better customer relationships. Greet customers on their birthday, special events or festivals. Send them timely SMS to stay connected as well as promote services. All this results in a better customer relation as well as more sales and conversion.

Feedbacks are just simple important! If you have an existing product or service then customers feedback can help to greatly improve them. Or if you are planning to launch a new product in the market, or make a presale, then it’s important to notify customers and record their responses. This will improve the chances of success. You can use transactional SMS to send the text messages and get feedback from customers. You can read replies from customer real-time or anytime when you like. Use shortcode SMS services to get the desired brand code and send SMS using that and get the reply.

Conclusion and Final Words!


Ecommerce Industry in India is worth USD 38.5 billion (in 2017) and growing rapidly. Since 2000, many e-commerce companies came into existence and keep growing since their inception. The 470 million (as of July 2017) internet users in India is growing at fast pace and India will be the second largest Internet base in the word in 2034 (as expected by experts). Now, with these promising numbers, there is a sure shot opportunity for new as well as well-established ecommerce companies to do a whopping business. It would be no brainer to ignore bulk service for ecommerce with these following features –

  • Easy to manage service.
  • Bulk SMS gateway and API.
  • SMS scheduling and fast delivery.
  • A full report and tracking analysis.
  • Budget Marketing and maximum ROI.
  • Highest open rate and best conversion.
  • Create two way SMS communication – send and receive SMS

What else you need? Need enterprise level SMS service? Talk to Linktel at 927-888-3000 or reach us via contact us page to discuss further on bulk SMS service for ecommerce website.

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