Bulk SMS Service for Real Estate Industry, Business and Agency!

Bulk SMS Service for Real Estate Industry, Business and Agency!

Indian real estate is expected to reach $180 billion from $126 billion in 2015, according to a joint report by CREDAI and JLL. The involved money and growth is high, and so is the competition. Thousands of real estate companies are in the market and competing to sell their housing schemes and office/business space. SMS marketing is one of the favorable result oriented marketing medium for builders, dealers and real estate companies. If you are in real estate business then Linktel Media’s Bulk SMS service for real estate is all that you need for your marketing and promotional campaign.

Why Real Estate Need Bulk SMS Service?


If you are in real-estate business, you already know the importance of SMS marketing for your business. We had already shared the benefits of bulk SMS service on our website. Let’s see, the role of bulk SMS in real estate business –

Reach New Audience, Generate Leads and Sales

Promotion and marketing is the backbone of the real estate industry. If you can’t run a successful marketing and promotion campaign, you won’t survive in the real estate industry. Fortunately, services like bulk SMS marketing exists. Linktel Media provides bulk SMS service for real estate which helps you to reach every individual that carries a mobile phone. You can choose your target audience based on age, location, gender or profession and so on. Sales and revenue are expected to grow positively if you can reach your targeted audience within the budget and timeframe.

Update Agents, Dealers and Resellers

A real estate empire runs with the help of chain of dealers, agents, and resellers. And therefore, it’s important to propagate your offer, schemes, and loyalty programs to them within the desired timeframe. Your schemes and offers will only result in success when they are implemented on the ground level by your dealer and agents. And this is possible when you opt for a reliable bulk SMS service provider.

Send Reminder and Notification to Clients

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You already have your client and you would like to notify them about the special event such as Bhoomi pujan, inauguration etc. or you would like to remind them about their due installment or payment etc. In these cases, you can utilize the text messaging service for real estate. Linktel media has a powerful SMS API and gateway for real estate that is developed to for this purpose only.

Build a Healthy Relationship with Customers and Staff

Customers and staff are all beings like us. Everybody likes to be greeted on birthdays, special events and festivals. If you maintain a healthy relationship with your staff and customers, you’ll see your business grow. Text messaging services helps to stay in touch with the people you care about and you can send them automated and bulk SMS as and when needed.

Ready-To-Use SMS Templates for Real Estate


The best thing about SMS marketing campaign is that you don’t have to develop your own content. Bulk Text Messaging service comes with ready to use SMS template for your industry that you can use for your real estate SMS campaign. Some of these are as follows –

Offers – Affordable luxury flats for sale at prime location, Gaur City, Greater Noida. Contact 99688 43XXX. – Real Builders.

Proposal – Dear customer, XYZ is launching a new project at Greater Noida. Interested customers can contact us 99900 43XXX.

Project progress information – Dear customer, new photos of the building has been uploaded on our website. Visit www.xyz.com/gallery

Installment due Date Reminder – Notice: you have missed your last month installment on 30th June. Please call this number: 99660 99XXX. Real Estate Group.

These are just examples and we have a huge variety of ready to use promontional and transactional SMS for a wide range of industry.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing!


If you are using bulk SMS marketing for your real estate or property business then you are entitled to be benefited with following features of bulk SMS service –

Target Each and Every Person

Every person in India now holds at least a mobile phone in his/her pocket. With Bulk SMS service provider you can literally reach any person in India based on your marketing requirements. You can choose whom to send message based on criteria such as their age, gender, profession, location and so on.

Schedule Campaign


You can schedule your campaign for right date and time. Sending promotional SMS too early in the morning or too late at night is prohibited by TRAI regulation and may result in poor response. Talk to your Bulk SMS provider regarding the scheduling of your SMS marketing campaign. This will ensure the success of your campaign within budget and timeframe.

Ready to use SMS Templates

Linktel media has ready to use SMS marketing templates for real estate that you can use in your Text messaging campaign. There are transaction as well as promotional SMS message templates available for use for free.

Huge Customer’s Databasecorrect

When you avail services from a known and experienced bulk SMS company, you are benefited with their huge customer’s database that they had built in their years of journey. These people can be targeted based on the demographics you desire. Also, these phone numbers can be filtered for DND and non-DND activation.

Track Your Campaign Success with Advance Analytics

At Linktel media you can measure the success of you SMS marketing campaign. You can see the amount of successful message delivered, leads generated and other vital stats.

Save Cost, Time and Efforts!

Text messaging is a cost effective way of marketing. Moreover, it saves time and doesn’t require much planning. Your marketing campaigns are already backed up by readymade SMS templates that you can use in no time. Also, it’s a known fact that SMS marketing is inexpensive compared to television, radio and newspaper ads. Therefore, SMS marketing is the best choice for the real estate industry.

Better Response Rate

According to research, 90 percent of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. And has an amazing open rate of 98% which is way more than any other digital marketing medium. For better response, you can also use SMS shortcodes and get or send reply from potential customers.

Final Words on Bulk SMS Service for Real Estate!

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There are hundreds of bulk SMS service provider in India. This might be daunting at first if you are responsible for choosing one for your business. This is simple, a reliable and modern bulk SMS service provider will provide the following added features with their service –

  • Provides services for both promotional as well as transactional SMS.
  • Should be able to provide you targeted leads from city and age/profession based.
  • Should have a huge database of mobile users based on different criteria.
  • Provided you branded name on shortcodes and long codes.
  • Provides you DND filtration.
  • Tracking metrics of your campaign.
  • Robust SMS API and gateway.
  • Have ready to use SMS templates.
  • Provides free consultancy and a dedicated team to help you.
  • Provides you pay per lead options – get genuine leads only.

Now, if you are having any doubt regarding Text messaging service or our bulk SMS service for real estate industry then feel free to discuss it with us at 927-888-3000.

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