How Bulk SMS Service for School Helps in Better Management?

How Bulk SMS Service for School Helps in Better Management?

To successfully run an institution – it takes great efforts. Lots of day to day activities are needed to be executed in proper sequence to achieve long-term goals. Bulk SMS service for school helps to automate these day to day task and result in better management by requiring less to no human intervention. You can use these text messaging service to notify parents, remind students, convey your words or advertise.

Why School Needs Text SMS Service?


Not only schools but every institution and organization needs text messaging service and in the case of schools, there are following specific reasons –

Notify Parent and Student

You can always notify all students and parents in just a few clicks on following events –

  • School closure notification due to bad weather or any other temporary issue.
  • Change in school timing or any event and venue.
  • Circulating notice or new set of rules.
  • Information regarding any upcoming parent-teacher meeting.
  • Reminding students regarding exam or event dates.

There might be several other reasons to use Text Messaging. Bulk SMS service for school is also used for notifying students about new syllabus, course or activity etc. Individual text messages or group text messages can also be sent as per need.

Save Time and Resourcestime

Every organization strives to save time and resource so that they can be utilized properly when and where needed. With bulk SMS service for your school, you can stay assured that you are going to be benefited as follows –

  • It’s tedious to call all students and parents one by one. This is a huge waste of time and resource. With automated text messaging service this can be achieved with few clicks and settings.
  • If you wish to send messages to selected students or their guardians, then this can be done by sending text messages to that specific group and all it takes is a few clicks.
  • When you choose electronic media to send text and emails, you help save environment Going paperless will not only save our trees, forest, and planet but will also save you human efforts and resources.
  • When you implement an automated system or services, you save money. This will lower your telephonic and other cost related to resources such as human effort, time, stationary etc.

Advertise and get feedback


A text messaging service if opted from a reliable and reputed organization – it comes with added benefits such as following –

  • School can track message delivery report and ensure if the recipients got the message or not.
  • You can also ask recipients for feedback by replying to your text message. And you can read it anytime when needed. IT’s a 2-way communication.
  • Schools can advertise new courses, openings or vacancy at school using bulk SMS service. Schools can also use shortcodes to get leads and reply.
  • You can also create a personalized experience for your students, their parents, and teachers (including other staff) by whishing them on their birthday or any special occasion such as a festival or any other celebration day.

Some Examples of Text Messaging Service

So, now you truly know why schools need text messaging service and where you can implement it in your school or college. Now let me show you – how exactly you can use SMS templates for school and when –

Admission Open  student

If this is the admission season going on, then you can circulate the following SMS to your targeted audience in any selected city.

  • Admissions open for the academic year 2018-19 in Edu Public School. Limited seats left – Hurry! Contact – 99684143XX.
  • Admissions open at Shiri Public school. Seats available at class IX and XI for the academic year 2019-20. Apply only at

Holiday Messagesschool

You can bulk notify all students and their parent regarding the closure of school on a specific day(s).

  • Dear Parents, Tomorrow (2nd Oct 2018), there will be a holiday on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi as per Government notification. Greetings. Principal, Gyan Public School.
  • Dear Parent, the school will remain closed on 28 July 2018 due to Petrol Strike. Thanks. PRINCIPAL, New Public School

Student Performance Reportreport

School can use transaction SMS to notify parents about their wards performance, attendance or other achievements. Following text message templates can be used –

  • Dear Parent, your ward, Aakash was absent today without PRIOR NOTICE. Please send your ward with a requisition letter. Regards Strict Public School.
  • Dear Parent, Your ward’s, Bupesh attendance for the month of Sept 2018 is 20 days. Regards Gurukul Public School.

Text Messaging companies provide several types of templates regarding school fees reminder, transport related, meeting, event, behaviors and other general purposes which school can use in a fly to send to their recipients. Linktel Media is one of the known company which provides such text messaging service to schools, you can get in touch via contact us page or just call us at 927-888-3000.

Have any Doubt? Would You Like To Discuss?

question or doubt

This Bulk SMS service for school is amazing. If you want it to be implemented at your school or you are someone responsible for implementing at your school, then – please feel free to discuss regarding this service by calling at 927-888-3000 or reaching us via contact us page.

And if you are a parent who wants this automated notification system to be implemented at your child’s school then just forward this article or its link to the principal (or school management) and they might consider it.

If our services could come useful for your child or school, we’d be more than happy to discuss it right now with you, contact us.

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