Online AI Based Chatbot vs. Traditional Bulk SMS | Which One is Better For You?

Online AI Based Chatbot vs. Traditional Bulk SMS | Which One is Better For You?

When it comes to making a business a great success, importance of technology can’t be denied. There is great buzz about using technology in marketing world. Most of the marketers throughout the world are using chatbot or bot for interacting with their existing as well as potential clients and customers. If you want to tap the market of new users and clients, you need to understand the concept of chatbot. Here, you also need to understand whether chatbot service is better than traditional SMS service or not. By analyzing the pros and cons of both options, you can easily understand which one option could be a better choice for your marketing endeavors. So, let’s keep reading this informative post.

Chatbot Comes Incorporated with Innovative Technology

There is no doubt that chatbots come incorporated with innovative technology. It is often seen that most of the common users or clients don’t differentiate whether they are interacting with a real virtual assistant or a robot. So, the credit goes to innovative technology. Modern-day chatbots come incorporated with latest language technology, commands and other innovative things. Thus, it has become quite easy to deliver a certain message through this option.

On the other hand, traditional bulk SMS service comes with effective content. It means that customers or users can grab exact information from a text message. Whether it’s about sending a promotional or transactional SMS, you’ll always find traditional SMS service a right option to go with. You even don’t need to think about establishment of a technology-oriented system at your business premise in order to market your offerings through bulk SMS.

SMS Service Also Comes Incorporated with Chatbot Technology.

There are various companies that uses SMS-based chatbot. For instance, when a user needs certain information about a product or service, he simply visits at the official site of the company. He types his query in the chat box, and he will be replied by an automated SMS bot system. Obviously, it is a great thing for contemporary marketers. They can easily know about customers’ feedback, complaints and queries using SMS-based chatbot. So, there are situations when you couldn’t be able to find out differences between a chatbot and SMS service. You can decide to choose either of the service for promoting your products and services to an intended group of users or clients.

Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbot Vs Traditional Bulk SMS

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence based chatbot can be more innovative marketing option than traditional SMS. But when it comes to promoting a service and product to a wide range of customers or clients, you will always find bulk SMS service a right option to determine. Since it is an affordable option to go with, you can easily save big money on marketing and promotion. There is no doubt that the saving money on marketing and promotion can help a business growing faster than ever before. So, if you are planning to market your products or services using an affordable but effective marketing method, you are advised to choose traditional bulk SMS marketing option.

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