What Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) And Why Use It?

What Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) And Why Use It?

The Interactive voice response (IVR), an automated telephone system that interacts with callers and gathers information about the purpose of the call to route callers to the appropriate department. Callers, in response to the automated queries in the IVR, callers enter information either by using voice or by making selections from pre-determined options using their telephone keypads. IVR systems dramatically improve call center efficiency by accurately routing calls to the most appropriate departments or staff to handle caller inquiries and by gathering important background details before an agent takes over the call.

IVR is subject to questions and responses that are pre-recorded for interacting with callers, providing information, and handing off calls to appropriate human personnel. IVR prompts callers to select from pre-determined options or enter unique information using either voice or touch-pad responses. Here are some ways how IVR improves efficiency.

  • Discovering the purpose of the call
  • IVRs help to gather key information like account numbers, verification of account ownership, and other details from callers
  • They assist in routing calls automatically to the correct department or agent group
  • The IVR provides important background information to agents like the purpose of the call, the caller’s identity, account numbers, and account status
  • It gives companies the authority to automatically supply agents with procedural steps to resolve the issues identified


The purpose of a call is determined by these systems, subsequently routing callers to relevant departments for rapid issue resolution and prompt service. The information provided by callers on the automated system can be viewed by the staff who answer routed calls, on a display screen. This entitles the staff to quickly identify the caller’s needs and to get access to necessary information required for resolving the caller’s query or concern.

When used in conjunction with other technologies such as speech analytics, IVR enables companies to discover trends that aren’t always obvious to supervisors performing random call monitoring in the traditional sense. The insights authorize companies to respond readily to common problems with products or services and take proactive steps to resolve similar issues for other customers as well.

Additionally, IVR enables companies to provide agents with the necessary knowledge to address customer issues. Other systems can be triggered to bring up appropriate information from a knowledge base when an IVR is able to detect the purpose of a customer’s call. This aids agents in walking through the appropriate steps to make a call resolution.

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