Bulk SMS Service for Faridabad – All That You Need to Know!

Bulk SMS Service for Faridabad – All That You Need to Know!

Bulk SMS service or SMS blast is a service in which SMS messages are sent to mobile users with the intention of generating leads. These mobile users could be your desired targeted audience or your existing customers. There are two types of SMS that are sent, i.e. transaction SMS and promotional SMS. Depending upon the nature of text message and your selected audience, these text messages are used accordingly. If your target audience is in Faridabad then Linktel Media has a bulk SMS service for Faridabad which can be a boon for your business.

Is Bulk SMS Service for Faridabad Right for Your Business?

If you are willing to get leads from Faridabad or your existing customers are based there then Linktel Media bulk SMS service for Faridabad is for you. This service is available to the following industry but not limited to that –

No matter which industry your business belongs to, there is a huge potential in Text Messaging for your brand and business. The best way to find out is to discuss it with Linktel media at 927-888-3000 or you can reach us via contact us page.

What are the benefits of Text Messaging Service?

checklistText Messaging is known for its potential to generate business leads in no time. Here are a few reasons why the industry is spending hugely on text messaging service

  • Bulk SMS can be delivered to your desired audience based on their location, profession, age and other metrics.
  • Text messaging doesn’t require a huge budget or planning.
  • Sending bulk SMS is a quick process and doesn’t require much time.
  • SMS has an impressive open rate of 98 per cent. Everybody reads SMS.
  • According to research, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.
  • SMS can’t be ignored or filtered. There is no spam box filtration for SMS. They get landed directly into the inbox.
  • Services from Linktel Media makes it possible to track your campaign metrics and success rate.

Why you Need a Bulk SMS Service?

informationThe applications of text messaging service are countless, but I can summarise it for you, as follows –

  • Customers First – update your client with latest information, changes, new product release and anything that is important to you or your customer.
  • Advertise your business, product or services to the new audience, generating leads within budget and timeframe.
  • Feedback is Important – Bulk SMS service is also used to gather pre-launching and post launching response on your product or services from the audience. Discount coupons and giveaway can be done to get feedback and leads. You can also receive SMS reply on shortcodes or longcodes as you prefer.
  • Have a personalised relation with customer, if you run a successful business then you understand the advantage of having a good relationship with your customers. You can greet your clients on their birthdays, special occasion or festivals. Better customer relation always results in better business.

The use of bulk SMS service depends on your business needs. As said, applications are countless, the fact is better response rate, more leads, less planning and better ROI.

Some Tips on Sending Bulk SMS in Faridabad

SMS marketing is known for its result oriented nature. If done properly can skyrocket your sales and revenue. But it’s important to follow some guidelines and pay attention to well-known tips –

Write concise and concrete – An SMS has 160 characters allowed. You should write a short and crisp message that should convey your whole message in few words. Moreover, nobody likes unnecessary information.


Add call-to-action – An SMS send is waste if it doesn’t include a call-to-action element such as a phone number to be dialled or an internet link to be visited. You should also ask them to call or click the link for better result.

DND filtration and TRAI rules – Telecom regulatory of India have set of guidelines on sending promotional messages to mobile phone users. One of them that you must strictly follow is – never send promotional messages to DND numbers. Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers are those numbers whose owner aren’t interested in receiving promotional messages on their phone and had thus registered theirs under DND list.

timeTiming is important – Nobody likes to receive unnecessary promotional and sales messages at the wrong time. If you deliver your promotional SMS too early in the morning or late at nights, then it’s a bad idea and usually results in poor response rate. Moreover, this is against TRAI regulations to send SMS in the early morning or late at night. So, to know the perfect timing for launching your promotional campaign, you should talk to your bulk SMS service provider.

Get your landing pages ready – You can ask your SMS recipients to visit your landing pages. These are website pages that are specially designed according to customers need which results in a high response rate and ultimately more leads.

Get cloud-based IVR solution – Your SMS gets into hands of thousands or lacs of users at the same time and most of them are going to call you at the same time. For this situation, you must have an interactive voice response system otherwise you’ll lose valuable leads.

How to Choose a Bulk SMS Company in Faridabad?

correctThere are dozens of bulk SMS service providers in Faridabad. If you are responsible for choosing a bulk SMS service for your company, then this might be daunting at first. But here is an easy and simple way to choose a reliable Text messaging service provider. Make sure, the SMS Company in Faridabad you choose provides the following features with their service –

  • Promotional as well as transactional SMS for business and organisation.
  • Targeted leads from the desired city on the basis of age, profession, income etc.
  • Should have a huge database of mobile numbers with related information based on different criteria.
  • Provided you branded name on shortcodes and longcodes.
  • Provides you DND filtration list for all numbers.
  • Tracking metrics with success details of your campaign.
  • Robust SMS API and gateway.
  • Have ready to use SMS templates.
  • Provides free consultancy and a dedicated team to help you.
  • Provides you pay per lead options – get genuine leads only.

Now, if you are having any doubt regarding Text messaging service or our bulk SMS service for Faridabad then feel free to ask us at 927-888-3000.

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