7 Tips on SMS marketing that Your Competitor Wants to Know!

7 Tips on SMS marketing that Your Competitor Wants to Know!

SMS marketing campaigns are a boon to the business, they help the business to connect with new people and target the right audience in a budget-friendly way. Almost everyone in India carries a mobile phone, as per the studies more than 90% of population checks the phone when they receive an SMS. A single, crisp, catchy and informative SMS is enough to connect with customers and clients across the country. A smart SMS marketing team is the biggest asset which will reap great benefits for your business

Create a kickass SMS Marketing Group

When you are planning a huge SMS marketing campaign, you need to be well organized and hire a different set of skilled Professional to fulfill the target and goals. Get young talented folks to chalk out the marketing strategy. When it comes to SMS marketing program – hire experts in the field of retail, design, social media, promotions, ROI, budget analysis etc. The team should work closely and communicate transparently about all the plans, strategies, and execution and tack it well

Understand the customers well

Make use of good customer relationship management application and software to understand the customers. Also, measure the success of all the sent SMS marketing. Always check for the buying history and target location-based demographics to shoot the right SMS to the right customers on time. If you have a business of suiting and shirting in Delhi, there is no point sending to female audiences of 20 years staying in Mumbai. Categorize your client well and target the audience with the right promotions and offers. In addition to it, send bulk SMS to all the customers about general sales, offers, and promotion through SMS marketing.

Create catchy and informative message

You have 160 characters to share an informative message with the customers. Make the most of it by sharing a clean message written in plain English. Avoid using emoticons and abbreviations.

Make use of right call to action buttons

Call-to_action elements are the most reliable option to drastically increase the overall customer engagement when you are following SMS marketing. Every business wants audience engagement, boost brand value and more leads, hence make use of right call-to-action options in SMS marketing text.

Timings is crucial in SMS Marketing

Avoid sending a message in the early morning and late night. The SMS marketing is all about engaging customers and making them take an impulsive decision and not to disturb them at odd timings. If you have a store launch at 5 PM, send an SMS at noon.


The simple way to get huge customers is to promote the campaign all across different social media platform. All channels should be well coordinated to get the most out of SMS marketing campaign.

Target the loyal clients

Loyal clients are assets to the business, they always tend to share feedback, suggestions and promote your business among their family and folks. Identify the best customers and dedicate special resource to reach them out. They are the one who has complete knowledge about your business and brand.

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